Facebook’s new log-out ads are big, splashy and the closest thing to a traditional banner ad the social network has ever produced. They’re also pricey.

Facebook’s initial asking price for a marketer looking to buy all log-out page inventory in the U.S. for a given day was north of $700,000, according to a source briefed on the product before it was officially unveiled last month. That puts the unit in the same league as the web’s most expensive display properties.

Log-out ads aren’t available as a stand-alone purchase but are bundled with premium home-page ads that users see on their news feeds. The one-day ask to own the log-out page in the U.S. was $550,000 for home-page ads, plus $160,000 for the log-out inventory.

The new ads represent a marked departure from Facebook’s classic advertising approach, centered on small display units that can be targeted based on demographic data and a user’s interests and likes. Facebook doesn’t even call them ads but “stories.”

While Facebook has tried to condition advertisers to take a more social approach, the log-out is a shotgun for those looking for the most reach and frequency as quickly as possible. They can be targeted by age and gender, according to Facebook.

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