There is good news out there. According to Spots and Dots, a weekly publication we subscribe to at LJW, “Consumer confidence was up, the unemployment situation appeared to be easing a bit and customers took to the stores in February. Same store sales at most retail chains were positive and for many it was a banner month. For instance, Macy’s enjoyed a 5.8% increase in comparable store sales in February. The company said the performance for both Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s had been ‘stronger than expected’ .” But because of the pre-Easter period falling in April this year, it expects March same-store sales to suffer and April to

be up. J.C. Penney, which appears to be in the midst of a renaissance, reported a 6.4% increase in comparable store sales with every department and every region reporting gains. The Northeast and Southwest were especially strong.” This is a sign that things are getting better for all businesses. The problem still remains that the “money people” are still holding their money and not lending it. Businesses need money to start to hire more people and expand their businesses. More employed consumers is always good for the economy because they spend money. When people spend more, businesses do great. We can only hope that this “good news” continues. Businesses that continue to advertise will always have the advantage over those that don’t as the economy continues to improve.