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Facebook’s new log-out ads are big, splashy and the closest thing to a traditional banner ad the social network has ever produced. They’re also pricey.

Facebook’s initial asking price for a marketer looking to buy all log-out page inventory in the U.S. for a given day was north of $700,000, according to a source briefed on the product before it was officially unveiled last month. That puts the unit in the same league as the web’s most expensive display properties.

Log-out ads aren’t available as a stand-alone purchase but are bundled with premium home-page ads that users see on their news feeds. The one-day ask to own the log-out page in the U.S. was $550,000 for home-page ads, plus $160,000 for the log-out inventory.

The new ads represent a marked departure from Facebook’s classic advertising approach, centered on small display units that can be targeted based on demographic data and a user’s interests and likes. Facebook doesn’t even call them ads but “stories.”

While Facebook has tried to condition advertisers to take a more social approach, the log-out is a shotgun for those looking for the most reach and frequency as quickly as possible. They can be targeted by age and gender, according to Facebook.

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Measure the Results

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If you make a marketing plan you must have a bullet-proof measurement strategy.  Since social media first stormed into town and changed the rules of marketing, some of the savviest marketers have believed that they needed to change the rules of measurement to quantify its impact on business. “Social” was a new conversational media that marketers couldn’t control. Peers, not marketers, were a primary influence on brand perceptions and purchase decisions. A brand could create positive buzz by doing something outrageous online or by pushing out viral videos and hope for more sales. The problem is in most cases “Social” may increase some awareness, but seldom does it increase SALES. In order to manage your marketing plan you have to measure it with increased sales or desired business results. We know how to help you get more sales and results with increased social awareness. Call us. We can help.

A strong showing from The Voice and improvement

in Smash led NBC to victories in both HHs and A18-49 on

Monday. For the night, NBC averaged an 8.1/13 to ABC’s

5.1/8, CBS’ 4.5/7 for its night of repeats, Fox’s 3.5/5 for a

two hour Alcatraz and the CW’s 0.8/1. In A18-49, NBC’s

4.9/13 topped ABC’s 2.1/6, the 1.8/5s earned by both CBS

and Fox and the CW’s 0.4/1.

The Voice started NBC’s night with a 9.6/14 in HHs

and a 6.1/16 in A18-49. The demo rating was up 13%

from last week when competition came from the Daytona

500. Smash followed with a 5.1/8-2.7/7, both numbers

first in the time period against reruns on CBS and ABC.

Smash’s demo number was up 17% week over week.

ABC got a 5.4/8-2.5/6 for The Bachelor: The Women

Tell All. The CW was also in repeats.

Need To Know!

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As consumers demand more content on more channels and on more devices, it’s important that advertising agencies provide the most complete understanding of viewership for the television industry. We know that people who watch TV aren’t just media consumers; they’re grocery shoppers, online couponers, sharers on social networks, and vocal brand critics. We have all the integrated measurement and analysis of media viewing, shopping habits, online activity and brand advocacy and give this information to our clients so that they know their audiences and how to reach them.

No matter which device is in use (TV, PC, smartphone, DVR), our clients need to know their audience completely. We understand the behavior of the increasingly connected consumer. Our decades of experience in understanding consumers, their media consumption, their reactions to advertisers, and how media influences their brand preferences as well as what they buy – enables our clients to stay one click ahead.

Our continued investment in research and methodology enables our clients to better understand what’s happening now in the media landscape, and what trends are emerging.