Knowing how to say what you have to say (the message) is what is called the Creative Element, or, what does your commercial or ad “look” like? What is the design? What can you do to have your advertising CUT through and be noticed?

The fun part about the Creative Element is that there is no right answer. They are only answers. If you like what the commercial or ad looks like…then it is good enough. Some of the most successful commercials I have ever seen, the client (you) thought they were bad. For example, do you like avocado on your sandwich? Some do and some don’t. Just because you like some avocado on your sandwich doesn’t make the avocado bad or good…all it means is YOU like it on your sandwich.

Creativity can’t be defined as good or bad. I am always amazed how many people can look at the same piece of art and love it or hate it. Even art critics can’t agree. It’s the same thing with “good ads” and “bad ads.” Ten people can see the same ad and very seldom do they all like or hate the ad.  It’s the principle of the avocado. So, what are some basic rules of creativity that may make your ad “cut”? We would like to tell you. One thing we know for sure…you will know a commercial or ad you like when you see it. Larry John Wright would love to show you some commercials we have created and produced that are creating incredible results. Call us today at 800-821-5068 or visit us onilne at