Clients are always asking us here at Larry John Wright about what changes are occurring with Cable and Satellite in addition to the impact of DVRs on television viewing. Well, here you go. “An analysis of TV viewers in the U.S. reveals that the percent of consumers who have local cable increased by 4% between 2006 and 2009. According to The Media Audit study, 59.4% of U.S. consumers reported having local cable in 2009, compared to 57.2% in 2006. The figure represents a 4% jump in four years. Satellite TV shows more impressive growth. In 2009, 22.7% reported having satellite TV service, compared to 19.1% in reports that DVR penetration increased by about 4% in the last year on an absolute basis (11% on a relative basis) rising from 35.7% of TV households with DVRs in February 2010 to 39.7% in February 2011 according to Nielsen data via Turner’s research department. The percentage of viewers reached in those DVR homes rose from 38.5% in February 2010 to 

42.2% in 2011”. The good news is that there are many more viewers watching much more TV because of DVRs making that possible and a full 70+ viewers don’t fast forward through the commercials. Go figure.

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