VALUE TOP-OF-MIND- A new report from the NPD Group says that consumers have emerged from the recession with “a honed ability to stretch their dollars” and now faced with rising food costs; they are turning to the cost-saving measures they’ve learned over the past couple of years. “At the height of the recession consumers said they used coupons more, were stocking up on sale items, buying more private labels, shopping at discount stores more, among other money-saving strategies. Of course, the rising gas prices also factor heavily into customers’ thinking–40% of consumers said they’ll be spending more on gas this month, up from 27.6% just a month earlier. This is definitely the time to have the words sales, discounts, saving, value, offers, etc., in your advertising message. There has never been a better time to incorporate into the copy for your commercials and ads “greed and urgency.” Give the customer what they want to hear and ask them to take action immediately, and your sales will increase. It’s time for a strong advertising message that brings customers in NOW. At Larry John Wright Advertising we spend more time working on the “message” of our commercials and ads than anything else….and it pays off for our clients.