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The audience composition of local early and
late news in the Top 10 U.S. measured markets more closely
mirrored America’s voters with 32% of its viewership coming
from the core voter demographic of 35-54.
Furthermore, within the TV markets of the key
battleground states, local broadcast news delivered 28%
of the 35-54 voting demo, reinforcing the importance of
local broadcast news to political advertisers this year.

It’s long been established that television remains the
most effective and influential medium for political
campaigns to reach voters and hard data shows that local
broadcast news viewership is far more in line with today’s
(voter) than the national cable news networks.
For the key 35-54 voter demographic, a buy on local broadcast
TV news is on target. With only 22% of its audience
coming from this critical voter demographic, primetime
cable news is courting older non-voters at the expense of
younger active ones. The analysis of the Nielsen data
confirms that the voter demo viewership trends, which favor
local broadcast TV, carry over to the ten battleground states that are expected to have a dramatic impact on the outcome of the November election. Politicians can take this data to the bank and strategically purchase advertising on local broadcast television news to maximize effectiveness for their candidates this political season.

Car buyers want more

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Price will always be a very important consideration in

purchasing a vehicle –probably the most important for most

buyers–but there are other factors that are becoming of

increased importance to the car buyer now. Quality,

expected cost of ownership, fuel economy, and in-vehicle

communications are becoming more significant in

the buyers’ mind. Buyers are also placing more importance on how

they are treated after the sale as well as during

the transaction. Promotions and discounts are here to stay.

The Olympics

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The Olympics this week are down a bit from last week’s

lofty heights, but they are still crushing the ratings of the

Beijing games and leaving just crumbs for the

competition. On Wednesday night, NBC drew a 16.7/27 in HHs in

Nielsen’s fast national ratings and a 9.2/27 in A18-49. (In

2008, the Beijing Games drew an 8.1 in the demo on the

same night.) CBS came the closest in HHs with a 3.0/5,

followed by ABC’s 1.9/3, Fox’s 1.2/2 and the CW’s 0.6/1.

Once again Univision drew a 1.4/4 for second place

in A18-49. CBS was a 1.2/3, ABC a 0.9/3, Fox a 0.7/2 and

the CW a 0.4/1. Big Brother, CBS’ only original program, earned a 3.4/

6 in HHs and a 1.8/6 in the demo. ABC’s Final Witness

was a 1.8/3-0.8/2. All other programs were in repeats.

NBC previewed Matthew Perry’s new show Go On

at about 11:04PM on Wednesday night. According to

information from the network, the show attracted 16.1 million

total viewers and had a 5.6 in A18-49. And here’s the really

good news for the show–despite the late hour, it retained 84%

of its audience in the second half.

Star Power

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For U.S. Olympic star Gabrielle Douglas, breakfast is just the start. Her deal to front Kellogg’s Corn Flakes boxes is likely to be followed by endorsement deals from major marketers looking to capitalize on America’s newest sports star. She’s definitely got the potential to earn millions.

Kellogg Co., an official sponsor of USA Gymnastics announced a deal on Friday morning, that will put her on special-edition Corn Flakes boxes in the fall.

But another marketer was ahead of the game. Procter & Gamble signed up the gymnast before the games, putting her in a “raising an Olympian” video that was produced immediately after the U.S. Gymnastics Olympic trials.

Also, she’s signed to represent the overall P&G brand, as well as our beauty brands (Olay, Pantene, CoverGirl, Secret).

No matter what she eventually earns, there is no denying her star power and her charming smile. Perhaps even a Perfect 10.