Sales of recreational marijuana have been white-hot in Colorado since becoming legal on Jan. 1st, but ad sales around the new category seem to be lagging far behind. The Denver Post, which has marshaled its newsroom to cover the state’s historic shift in drug policy, has booked only two ads so far for its new marijuana-centric website. Legal, recreational marijuana is “an evolving category,” The owner of one Denver marijuana dispensary said traditional ads were hardly necessary, given the rush of customers so far and all the free publicity in the media. In nearby Boulder, the Daily Camera and Colorado Daily are still waiting for the county to allow the opening of dispensaries for recreational marijuana. Such shops are not expected to open until late February at the earliest, and the papers have seen almost no advertising from recreational marijuana since it became legal in the state. There is promising interest among readers and consumers, to be sure. The Denver Post has attracted more than 250,000 unique visitors to The Cannabist so far. Colorado and Washington state last year became the first states to legalize recreational marijuana, but sales haven’t begun in Washington yet. Dispensaries, the name for shops selling legal weed, reportedly sold more than $1 million worth of pot in Colorado on the first day that they could. The legal marijuana business nationwide is forecast to reach $2.3 billion in 2014. Colorado’s marijuana retailers are allowed to advertise statewide in newspapers and on TV and radio stations, according to regulations issued last year from the Colorado Department of Revenue. These outlets must show that no more than 30% of their audience is younger than 21. Dispensaries cannot buy ads on billboards or in other out of home venues, nor can they advertise outside the state.