A new analysis of U.S. Census data finds that the wealth gap between homes headed by someone under 35 and ones headed by someone 65 or older is the widest it’s ever been. The older households now have a net worth 47 times greater than the younger one. That wealth gap is more than double what it was just in 2005 and nearly five times the disparity of a quarter of a century ago when the gap was 10 to 1. And while the average net wealth of households with an older head has increased 42%–to $170,494– since 1984 when the Census starting keeping tabs on this measure, the average net worth of the younger homes has declined a worrying 68%, to $3,662. The net worth of the under-35 households has been negatively impacted not only by high unemployment but also by the crushing burden of college loans. And college degrees don’t always lead to employment now. Many younger families are paying mortgages on homes that are not worth the principal that remains on them. With so many changes in the population, your advertising must also change. At Larry John Wright we know how to reach all demos and psychographics with your message. Call us. We would love to help your business target its advertising.