The annual Temkin Emotion Ratings asks consumers to rate their recent interactions with companies on a scale that ranges from upset to delighted, and this year numbers were produced for 293 companies in 20 industries.

Industries that generally did well in producing good results among consumers were supermarkets, many fast food chains, retailers, parcel delivery services, and hotels. And although some individual health care plans were generally disliked, as an industry, TV and Internet service providers once again dominated the bottom of the list.

H-E-B supermarkets was seen as the best organization with an emption rating of 77%. Two other supermarkets, Publix and Trader Joe’s, each scored 75%, and Chick-fil-A also scored a 75. USAA led financials with a 74 and another supermarket, low-cost alternative Aldi, scored a 73. Others above the 70 mark were, Hy-Vee, PetSmart and Dairy Queen, all with 72; Walgreens and, each with 71; and O’Reilly Auto Parts, Lexus, Subway, and Hampton Inn, each with 70s. JetBlue led airlines with a 69, tied with Food Lion, Pizza Hut, and BJ’s.

The very worst of the 293 companies was Coventry Health Care with a 26, just ahead of Comcast (for TV service) with a 27, and Comcast again for Internet service with a 30 where it was tied with Time Warner Cable’s Internet service. Time Warner’s TV service drew a 33, while Charter’s TV was at 36 and Cox’s TV was 37%. Other denizens of the bottom of the list included CIGNA, Blackboard software, Aetna, Anthem, Hitachi, Dollar rental cars, Blue Shield of California, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.

Several companies registered big moves year-to-year, some moving up and some moving down. Up ten points or more: US Cellular, DHL, Residence Inn, Hampton Inn, JetBlue, Hilton, Westin, Fifth Third, Dodge, and Marriott. Falling by ten points or more were Subaru, Buick, TD Ameritrade, Audi, Advantage, True Value, Fujitsu, Hitachi, Best Buy, E*Trade, Time Warner Cable, Blue Shield of California and AOL.

Outperforming one’s industry average is of course an important measure for each company, and only a few made the list of organizations that were at least 10 percentage points above the average for their respective industry. Those big winners were Georgia Power, USAA, TriCare, JetBlue, Optimum,, Lexus, Regions, Kaiser Permanante, and Cablevision. But at least 12 points below their industry averages were Coventry, Spirit Airlines, Fox car rentals, Con Ed of New York, Hitachi, BB&T, Blackboard, Consumers Energy, Sears, Dollar, Bi-Lo, Comcast and Jeep.