TVB’s 2010 Media Comparisons Study shows, by every measure, television reaches more consumers every day than newspapers, magazines, radio, the internet and mobile media, and that more time is spent with television. This reaffirms the findings of other studies, such as the Council for Research Excellence’s Video and Consumer Mapping Study as well as Nielsen’s Three Screen Report. Television also delivers impactful advertising and connects with consumers through strong news performance.

Among the key findings of the 2010 Study: People spend significantly more time with television than with any other medium, and television maintains the highest reach.

• Television reaches nearly 90% of Adults 18+ every day, and over 80% of every age, income and education break included in the study.

• In addition to high daily reach, more time is spent with television each day than any other medium – over 5 hours for Adults 18+ and high levels across all age, income and education breaks.

Consumers credit television advertising with higher impact scores.

• When asked to cite the one type of advertising that is the most exciting, influential, persuasive, authoritative and engaging, television advertising receives the highest scores, with significant margins over all other media.

• Television advertising is also cited as the dominant source of new product information, compared to advertising on competitive media.

Asked which medium is the most involved in the local community, broadcast television was also the No.1 choice. Local broadcast television station websites also connect with high percentages of consumers.

• High percentages of adults visit local broadcast television station websites; over 40% of Adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49 say they have done so in the past 30 days.

• Local broadcast television station websites are seen as the top choice for information on local news and events, topping local newspaper and radio station sites, as well as other local sites.