Two-thirds of children ages 2-12 have used or played

with an “Adult Connected Device” (smartphone, tablet or

iPod Touch), according to a new report. Even so, young kids aren’t

abandoning traditional toys for tech devices. Nor are their

parents moving away from buying toys because of new

technology in the home. Younger children who

use technology are still more likely to be

requesting traditional toys and

their use of devices is perceived to have

little effect on play time with toys. But there

is an impact with older kids as they become

more sophisticated using connected devices to socialize, or

for apps, music and video. All of those activities

draw time and attention away from more traditional play

items. Having the latest tech gizmos also doesn’t make a

family less likely to buy traditional toys. In fact, the report

found that heavy spenders on technology products – those

spending $200 or more a year – are actually the most

engaged traditional toy buyers, and are more likely to shop

most toy categories and spend more when they do make

a purchase. For example, heavy tech buyers are nearly

40% more likely to also buy action figures, and when they

do, they spend 60% more per capita. This pattern held

for most toy categories. In other words, families who are

willing and able to buy the latest technology are also more

likely to have the cash and inclination to buy the hot, new

toys for their kids.