There has been a lot of talk about online video advertising

and how it can be a complement to traditional spots on

television. Certainly online video is growing as a medium,

but the latest research from indicates that it

is not yet a threat to regular television and that few

advertisers are taking the opportunity to launch campaigns

that include both media.

Ads appearing on national TV and on

leading online video sites found that more than

4,100 brands were advertising on one

of those media and/or the other. Of those brands, 23%

used online video, with 12% advertising on both online video

and national TV, and 11% advertising

on online video exclusively. Meanwhile,

77% of brands used national TV

advertising exclusively.

Restaurants and automotive were the most likely

to use both channels, at 43% and 30%

of brands advertising, respectively, while internet

communications and content companies as well as resort

and travel companies were the most likely to use online

video advertising exclusively, at 39% and 28%, respectively.

“Consumer interest in online video is surging, but to date

companies have had little insight into how this important

channel is being used for marketing and advertising campaigns.