Facebook fell out of favor with Hollywood more than a year ago, and a sampling of marketers for Academy Award-nominated movies suggests little has changed. Major paid pushes using the social giant were few and far between last year. 12 Years a Slave, for instance, didn’t buy a single ad, a source close to its campaign said. Indeed, Facebook’s trouble with getting millennials—which make up a huge percentage of moviegoers—is well documented.  Some still see potential in marketing movies on Facebook. Yet, every studio by now knows about Facebook ads’ interest-level features, where drama, horror and comedy fans can be narrowly targeted. So while Twitter’s status as the de facto social companion to TV is widely regarded, Facebook has struggled to become the go-to hub for movies. Perhaps its forthcoming auto-play video ads, which have been in beta for two months, will provide the social platform with a bigger chunk of Hollywood budgets. We just have to see how the movie ends.