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Happy National Plan for Vacation Day! It’s that time of year again! Make the most of your vacation days in 2018 by planning and requesting your time off NOW! Scheduling your time off work is the most effective way to make the most of it! And try to spend at least a few of your days off exploring our own beautiful state of Arizona!

Tip No. 1 in honor of National Plan for Vacation Day we recommend Arizona’s own Mogollon Rim. For trail recommendations check out:
For more information on what to do in the area check out Visit Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ.

Tip No. 2 for National Plan Your Vacation Day: Do some stargazing in Arizona’s own Fountain Hills.

Did you know that Fountain Hills has been awarded the rare distinction of being designated an International Dark Sky Community by the International Dark Sky Association? It is one of only two International Dark Sky Communities located near a major metro area.

In total, only 16 communities in the world have previously earned this prestigious designation. And it’s one of Arizona’s own.

So if you’re in the mood to see something AMAZING on your vacation this year, try stargazing. Either on your own or at a star party sponsored by the Fountain Hills Library and Astronomy Club. For more info

Tip No. 3 for National Plan for Vacation Day – Ziplining at the Grand Canyon National Park!

If you’re interested in seeing one of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders – AZ has you covered. Plus…ziplines. Nothing spells adventure quite like spelling ziplines instead. Check out a video here! 

Tip No. 4 for National Plan for Vacation Day: The Largest Sundial in the United States in Carefree, Arizona. Designed by architect Joe Wong and solar engineer John Yellott, the sundial was completed in 1959. It’s points to the North Star, stands 35 feet tall, extends 72 feet and is 90 feet in diameter.

Tip No. 5 for National Plan for Vacation Day: High Mountain Beer & Music Festival in Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona.

If you’ve never checked out the area – get plenty of AZfoodie tips and hiking recommendations at Visit Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ, but if you plan your vacation right, you can end up enjoying one of their festivals as well. The Annual High Mountain Music Fest is a favorite!

Although, if you love a good festival this is in no way your only opportunity to enjoy a festival in Arizona. Check out what’s happening in Phoenix, Mesa, Sedona, and more and make a plan so you don’t miss anything amazing in 2018!

So, calling all LJW employees, and actually, all Arizona employees…make the most of your 2018 vacation days and schedule them now! And take a minute to consider where in Arizona you should spend some of your vacation time this year.