Social media helps to expand the reach of your message and has a tremendous impact on the number of impressions that are generated for PR stories. Therefore, when you show the change in the cost per impression with and without social media, you can make a compelling case for why social media efforts are crucial to your strategies. Businesses must be mindful of all the costs… like cost per impression, cost per engagement, cost per click, cost per site visit, cost per inbound link, and cost per subscriber. This will help your business know what is working and what is not. You need to know the total number of “eyeballs” that could have seen your post and divide it by the amount spent for the outreach to determine the cost. Businesses must know the positive relationship between public relations and social media. We can help your business with this and so much more. It’s what we do at Larry John Wright’s PRISM Marketing. Call us. 800-821-5068 or visit