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Facebook and Movies

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Facebook fell out of favor with Hollywood more than a year ago, and a sampling of marketers for Academy Award-nominated movies suggests little has changed. Major paid pushes using the social giant were few and far between last year. 12 Years a Slave, for instance, didn’t buy a single ad, a source close to its campaign said. Indeed, Facebook’s trouble with getting millennials—which make up a huge percentage of moviegoers—is well documented.  Some still see potential in marketing movies on Facebook. Yet, every studio by now knows about Facebook ads’ interest-level features, where drama, horror and comedy fans can be narrowly targeted. So while Twitter’s status as the de facto social companion to TV is widely regarded, Facebook has struggled to become the go-to hub for movies. Perhaps its forthcoming auto-play video ads, which have been in beta for two months, will provide the social platform with a bigger chunk of Hollywood budgets. We just have to see how the movie ends.

Social Media

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Just in time for Valentine’s Day,, a startup focused on brides to be, is launching a social channel where couples can digitally organize their wedding keepsakes—chiefly photos—while inspiring the nuptials of others. Called Real Weddings, it will sport 4,800 so-called “wedding blueprint” guides for those about to get hitched. The two-year-old, New York-based company—following the idea that attractive pictures sell clothes online—has forged relationships with Nordstrom, Macy’s, J. Crew, Dessy and some 2,500 other retail chains, providing them an e-commerce feed. The company, which combines Google search with Pinterest-like social elements such as shareable product images, doesn’t exactly reinvent the wheel. Like other shopping aggregators, retail partners supply with their product images while bidding on keywords such as “gowns” or “perfume.” said last year it brought 325 million product views. Its mobile app has been downloaded 90,000 times to date, while its email campaigns average a healthy 47 percent clickthrough rate.

New Tagline

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J.C. Penney‘s latest effort to attract lapsed customers includes a new tagline, “when it fits, you feel it.” The tagline has so far appeared in two ads — a Valentine’s Day-themed spot, as well as “Rise,” which aired during the Opening Ceremonies for the Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics. The tagline is also gaining exposure through the retailer’s sponsorship of NBC’s Olympic broadcast. J.C. Penney is a first-time sponsor of the broadcast. It is also supporting Team USA and skier Ted Ligety — it posted a video,#GoLigety on YouTube. And when shoppers round up their purchase to the nearest dollar, proceeds go to the U.S. Olympic Committee. The retailer is a longtime sponsor of the Academy Awards, which take place on March 2, and has used that as a platform to introduce new marketing messages in the past.

The ad airing during the Olympics focuses on fit, without any sort of promotional message attached. A voice-over says, “You know it when it lets you rise to greet the world. A fit that lets you stand out a little brighter, move a little faster, part crowds a little easier. When it feels so right you wear it again and again and again, like a charm that always knows exactly how to win.”


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Super Bowl viewers are about to get a serious case of the munchies. There are more packaged food and beverage companies advertising during the game than in any year since at least 2003, according to Ad Age research. Twelve brands in the two grocery categories are expected to air 19 ads during the game Sunday. That’s up from the nine marketers that bought ads last year and far more activity than in the early 2000s, when three or four packaged food and beverage brands typically bought time. The usual beer, soda and snack suspects will appear this year, including Coke, Pepsi, Budweiser and Doritos. But a whole new batch of family-targeted brands has ponied up, including first-time Super Bowl advertisers Cheerios and Chobani, as well as Heinz and Dannon, each making just its second big game appearance. Meanwhile, smaller challenger brands like home seltzer-maker SodaStream and Wonderful Pistachios are back after debuting last year.