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Television Advertising

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It’s no secret, when it comes to TELEVISION ADVERTISING clients come to Larry John Wright. We can buy more television time for our clients…as much as 50-100% more advertising time… for the same budgets our clients have been spending on their own. For over 30 years LJW has had long-standing broadcast relationships with networks, regional markets and local market broadcast stations and cable systems. There are no long-term contracts or hidden costs with LJW. We specialize in smart buying strategies that help our clients achieve increased rating point levels, brand exposure and top-of-mind awareness. Americans spend more time engaged with TV than with any other media. Let Larry John Wright show you how to make Television Advertising work for you. Call Jackson Wright 800-521-5068 and we will show you how to increase your market share and bottom-line profits.

Superior Client Service

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At Larry John Wright we believe in “Keeping Clients with Superior Client Service”. We know that successful companies provide proactive client service. Proactive client service leads to increased business and loyalty. Clients appreciate it when our Account Executives and Consultants listen closely to their requests and act quickly to respond to their needs. Average service is about meeting the client’s expectations. Great client service is exceeding it. We always give our clients more than they expect. We have the time, energy, facility, and resources to make sure our clients’ advertising, marketing, and public relations are of the highest quality and deliver results.

Let the KIDS be heard!

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Automakers advertise almost exclusively with drivers in mind.

That could be a mistake.

Adults may buy and drive the vehicles, but their children — sophisticated teens and teens who know a few things about fuel economy, styling and automotive entertainment — have input when the family gathers in the dealer’s showroom.

And that input doesn’t go unheeded or unappreciated. Three out of five parents said that they take the kids’ opinions, and their preferences, seriously. .

A recent study showed that 57% of parents now involve their kids in a car-buying choice, vs. 38% in a 2009 study. According to the survey kids’ favorites are Jeeps, Chevrolets and Fords — in that order.

Primary Data

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The vast majority of data available is not gathered from primary sources, like brand or retail sites. It’s modeled from relatively small data samples that are gathered from primary sources. It’s an extrapolation – pure and simple. So, while a brand may be trying to go after in-market camera shoppers, the data you’re buying for them may merely be based on a faulty assumption assembled from a miniscule group of actual camera shoppers. The providers take what little insight they can gather, determine a common thread, and then create a bucket that’s labeled “camera shopper.”

There is no doubt that these data providers can help advertisers access audiences of the sizes they claim, but it is doubtful the entire audience matches exactly what the advertiser is looking for. It’s widely accepted that targeting has its limitations as a strategy, because the more precise the desired audience, the smaller the pool of potential customers. But when you think about the rampant inaccuracies in modeled data, it’s clear that the pool might be even shallower than many expected. That should frighten advertisers spending to hit what they believe are their target consumers. The next time you hear about an anomaly indicating how 40% of “new moms” are male, check the source of the data being examined. Chances are, it is modeled data, not primary data. If you are wondering how reliable your data is, give Larry John Wright a call. We can help.

Social Media and TV

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Local TV stations are using social media to extend their coverage and conversations with viewers. They’re also working to create more integration with advertisers.

Stations have taken the tradition of that emotional connection that viewers have with anchors and reporters and gone into the space in which they live, which is Twitter, Facebook, mobile and online, to have that connection.

Local advertisers in turn can benefit from TV’s social extensions. Local broadcasters, through their social presence, can build large audiences.

Local broadcasters still have plenty of opportunities ahead in digital video and mobile. Belo for example is teaming up with tech companies to introduce a mobile streaming product later this year in 32 U.S. markets.

The convergence of social media and TV is a hot topic, one we know very well at Larry John Wright. Call us. The combination of social media and TV is powerful.