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Bad Car Ads?

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What’s Jerry Seinfeld’s prescription for bad car advertising? No more shots of speeding cars raising dust clouds in the desert.

“We’ve just got to rope off Death Valley and say, ‘No More,'” says Mr. Seinfeld. “No more.”

The star of the Web series, “Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee,” is entitled to weigh in on the modern state of advertising. In addition to starring in several Super Bowl commercials over the years, the co-creator and star of Seinfeld is now a copywriter himself.

Take for example Mr. Seinfeld’s deliberately bad Acura spoof the hokey car commercials of the 1960s.  Many say they’re so bad they’re good — and a perfect complement to a niche Web show aimed at comedy enthusiasts. Others think they’re just plain bad.

Acura serves as exclusive sponsor of Mr. Seinfeld’s Web series. Mr. Seinfeld’s comedic videos are perfectly aligned to Acura’s independent thinking, car enthusiast, target customers.

If the comedians are funny, they can be very good in advertising.

Seinfeld goes on to say, “You’re telling a story in 30 seconds. It’s the same as a joke. That confinement makes advertising a very easy thing for me. I’m used to working in that, ‘You’ve got to make this work in the first five seconds.’ When that commercial starts out with, ‘Hot, Handsome and a Honey to Handle,’ we’re five seconds in and you’ve already got a laugh. That’s how it’s very similar to writing standup. My gold standard are the Volkswagen ads from the 1960s. To me, that was the perfect image projection. I cannot stand seeing all this leasing information, and all the cluttered-up screens. I like a little graphic cleanliness to the advertising. But having a little sense of humor about yourself, to me, is the most potent type of image presentation. I think a lot of companies can use a little dose of that. Don’t take yourself so seriously.”

Daytime TV

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The loyal audiences for daytime TV mainstays like “Dr. Phil” can be potent lures for advertisers frustrated by unpredictability and time-shifting in prime-time. But that loyalty also makes daytime a tough club to break into — a fact proven again this week by the early demise of Katie Couric’s “Katie,” the most-hyped new entry to hit the market in years.

Out of the top 10 daytime syndicated shows, just three were launched in the last five years: “The Dr. Oz Show,” “Steve Harvey” and “Katie,” whose ratings ultimately couldn’t justify its costs. That’s not for a lack of contenders. Last season’s freshman fatalities included talk shows from Jeff Probst, Anderson Cooper and Ricki Lake.

But once a show gets established, it tends to stick around. The No. 1 show in daytime syndication, “Judge Judy,” has been on the air since 1996. “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” has aired since 2003, Dr. Phil” has had his own show since 2002 and “Maury,” No. 6 in daytime syndication, bowed in 1991. The longest-running daytime syndicated shows were “The Phil Donahue Show,” which aired for 26 seasons, and “The Oprah Winfrey Show,” which aired for 25 seasons.


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DirecTV, the largest U.S. satellite TV service, is near an agreement to renew its exclusive deal with the National Football League for NFL Sunday Ticket, people with knowledge of the matter said.

The multiyear contract would let DirecTV keep carrying the out-of-market Sunday-afternoon games it’s had for almost 20 years, said the people, who asked not to be named because the talks are private. While the new pact isn’t final, the outlines are set and it could be announced this month, one person said. A deal would extend the four-year, $4 billion contract that expires at the end of 2014.

With Sunday Ticket, DirecTV would retain key sports programming it can use to fend off competitors and web-based entrants looking for exclusive content. While the company has offered the package since 1994 and is one of the few pay-TV players with national reach, the NFL has said it talked with a wide range of suitors.

Google CEO Larry Page reportedly met this summer with an NFL delegation led by commissioner Roger Goodell on subjects including taking over Sunday Ticket, setting off a wave of speculation in the press.

The people familiar with DirecTV’s recent talks didn’t provide the dollar value for the new contract or say how long it would run. Darris Gringeri, a spokesman for DirecTV, declined to comment. No agreement is done, said Brian McCarthy, a spokesman for the National Football League in New York


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Pop Dongle is a mobile phone attachment that emits the sweet-and-salty smell of popcorn as you play the brand’s mobile game, Poptopia, available for iPhone and iPod Touch. Every time you swipe the butter inside the game, which asks players to pop corn kernels, the Dongle will emit a spritz of popcorn scent. How did they do it? The dongle plugs into the audio jack, so the game emits a certain frequency signaling it to go ahead and spread the smell.


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MEN’S MAGAZINES: Men are dropping more cash on apparel, skincare and grooming products. That’s encouraging fashion and fragrance marketers to spend more in magazines in order to reach men. Most Men’s Magazines have seen double digital increases in ad pages from Bottega Veneta, Burberry, Versace and Prada. Publishers insist men are more style conscious than ever before, so they’re turning to magazines to advise them.