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The old-fashioned gas station is now almost extinct.

Instead, the convenience store, often with gas pumps, has

become one of the fastest growing segments of the retail

industry. According to the 2013 National Association of

Convenience Stores/Nielsen Convenience Industry

Store Count, there were 149,220 convenience stores in

the U.S. at the end of 2012–up by 1,094 units, a 0.7% gain

and a new record.  C-store locations now account for 34.8%

of all retail outlets in this country.

Our continued growth shows that our core

offer of convenience resonates with customers,

whether a fill up, quick snack or drink or for fill-

in groceries or take-out meals for time-starved


And while the C-store industry continues to

be dominated by single-store owners (63%),

that is changing rapidly.  The fastest growing

segment is operators with 500 or more units; those

companies grew by 8.9% in 2012, compared to the 1%

gain in units operated by independents.

C-stores have certainly evolved over the last few years.

More and more are offering fresh food and many now

incorporate restaurant chains like Subway within their

footprints.  The latest innovation spreading through the

industry is the drive-thru, putting the stores in direct

competition with fast-food chains like McDonald’s and

Dunkin’ Donuts.

Unfortunately, the industry has been slow to embrace

advertising in general and TV in particular to boost sales

until now.  But that could change as larger operators start

to compete against each other in the same markets.


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Dunkin Donuts plans to open between 350

and 360 new locations in 2013. Last year, it launched 291

new units. The company also announced that for the first

time, Dunkin will be entering the Southern California

market, with stores in Los Angeles, Riverside, San

Diego, San Bernardino, Ventura and Orange counties

expected to open in 2015……..As a way of

boosting its online commerce operations,

Target is launching six new brands that will

only be available online. The new brands

range from apparel to home decor. UnitedHealth Group Inc.‘s

profit in the fourth quarter slipped 1%. But shed no tears;

the company still made $1.24 billion in the period. Total

revenues were up 11% but, says the company, medical

costs grew 12%, resulting in the decline in earnings……A

surge in sales in December helped the toy industry to a

respectable showing during the holiday shopping season.

According to the NPD Group’s Retail Tracking Service,

in the last two weeks of December, dollar sales were up

18% and unit sales rose 10% when compared to the same

time period in 2011.


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Walmart will begin offering the iPhone4 and iPhone5

with its $45 per month no contract, unlimited talk, text and

data plan from Straight Talk Wireless. Customers will be

able to buy the phone through a $25 per month purchase

plan…….Perhaps in reply to speculation by analysts this

week that General Motors’ share of the U.S. market would

most likely remain static this year. It is said “the

upcoming C7 Corvette will be “one of the most

beautiful cars ever made.”…….Taco Bell has

purchased a 60-second ad in the Super Bowl.

McDonald’s will reintroduce consumers to the Big Mac

this year with a “blast” of ten new ads. McDonald’s

has come to the conclusion that there is

a generation that really hadn’t gotten the love of the Big



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General Motors says its strategy of offering more fuel

efficient vehicles is paying off; it sold more than 1 million

cars and trucks in 2012 that got at least 30 miles per gallon.

And that policy will continue in 2013 when the company

introduces “new diesel, eAssist and plug-in vehicles in the

United States and expand the availability of turbocharged

four-cylinder engines.”…..Rite Aid is blaming the introduction

of new generic drugs–and a shift in the holiday calendar–

for a 2.2% drop in same store sales in December. Pharmacy

comps fell 2.9%. But relief could be in sight. The Food

and Drug Administration approved 39 new drugs in 2012

and 8 in December alone. That’s the most

in 16 years. says the

new approvals should mean pharmaceutical

makers “see big gains after billions in losses

in recent years to generic drug makers

because of patent expirations.” ……Burger

King is rolling out its new Chicken Nuggets

nationwide and offering six other menu

items, including Cheesy Tots and Philly

Original Chicken Sandwich, on a limited

time basis……Polaroid and Fotobar plan

to launch a chain of wireless photo editing

and finishing stores this year. First stores will be in Delray

Beach, FL with Boston, Las Vegas, New York and other

markets to follow….Pier 1 is on a roll. It reported same

store sales 8.2% higher than last year in December. Over

the last three years such sales have climbed 29.8%.