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Broadcasters added more than 1.9 million weekly listeners in the past year.  Additionally, radio is attracting more young listeners, with the number of weekly listeners 18-34 and 12-17 rising.  Radio now reaches nearly 66.5 million Adults 18-34 and more than 22.8 million Persons 12-17 on a weekly basis.

The number of 12+ Persons listening to radio each week now reaches an estimated 241.5 million or 93.1% of all Persons twelve and older. As compared to the June 2010 report, the number of radio listeners increased across all major demos, with Adults aged 18-34 showing the biggest gains, adding nearly 350,000 weekly listeners in the age group in the past year. Larry John Wright Advertising can help you deliver your message through great radio advertising and with all media. If you want to know more, let us show you the numbers nationally and locally. The “numbers” are not just numbers, they are people and people buy our client’s products and services. We know the numbers and we know people.


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We are about to enter a new age of marketing: Consumers can be communicated with consistently across their engagement with a brand, across channels, according to their preferences as well as based on their “value.”Major publishers can move beyond the notion of the insertion order and that dollars automatically follow eyeballs will result in success. Inputs can be connected to outcomes directly. The marketer and agency can understand which investments produce real results. The modern marketing professional, empowered with the right tools, can spend time thinking instead of simply doing. It will be a transformative time, but those people and those organizations that can put consumers and results first, will find themselves part of a revolution in marketing. At Larry John Wright our focus has always been on putting results first. Give us a call. Start getting more results from your advertising, marketing, and public relations.

According to National Retail Federation’s 2012
Father’s Day spending survey, the average person will spend $117.14 on dad’s gifts this
year, up 10% from $106.49 last year and closing the gap
between its biggest competitor: Mother’s Day. Consumers
planned to spend $152 on that holiday last month.
According to the survey, more people this year will treat
dad to a special outing, such as golfing, eating out or heading
to a sporting event ($2.3 billion vs. $2.0 billion in 2011). They
will also invest in electronic gift items ($1.7 billion vs. $1.3
billion last year) and apparel ($1.7 billion vs. $1.4 billion in
2011). Others will splurge on gift cards ($1.7 billion), sporting
goods ($641 million) and books or music ($645 million).
Four in ten persons looking for Father’s Day gifts
(41.6%) say they will look for dad’s gift at a department
store. Discount stores are the choice of 34.0%; 28.6% will
shop specialty stores including greeting card/gift and
electronics stores; and 10.7% specialty clothing stores.

Chrysler Group is trying to think beyond the showroom. The Detroit-based automaker is delving heavily into experiential marketing with its “Ride & Drive” program, in which the company brings its vehicles to such nontraditional places as malls, schools and music concerts, offering the consumer a chance to experience the car in a less stressful environment than a dealership or showroom.