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It Pays to Advertise

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No matter how wonderful your company’s product or service is, if you don’t advertise, nobody will know about it. The goal of any advertising program should be to cost-effectively reach the largest audience possible and attract new customers. If done correctly, advertising can be a wonderful investment for your business; if done poorly, advertising can become a huge money sink. Call Larry John Wright. We can show you how to get a lot more quality advertising for a lot less money. It’s what we do.

SEO Tips

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You could tackle one of these items every day over your morning coffee and in a little more than a week create the opportunity for additional site traffic. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is definitely something Larry John Wright can do for you. Give us a call. Here’s what you can do if you know how.

1. Review Your Robots.txt File; Assess Your Meta Robots Tagging

If you have a robots.txt file on your site, check by visiting /robots.txt. You may be surprised to find out you are withholding pages, folders, images, etc. from search engines that can drive traffic to your site.

2. Review Your Site Organic CTR by Page; Revise the Worst Page’s Title Element and Meta Description

The new world of SEO is heavily focused on the message you send, whether it be search engines or users. You must constantly be improving your site in the eyes of the search engine and you may retain some visitors at the same time.

3. Assess Canonicalization of Your Domain

Do your site pages exist at and If so then you need to create a permanent 301 redirect directing all non-www. site pages to the www. version pages of your site.

4. Review Your Most Frequently Linked Pages on Your Site

Finding a few of these can result in a few quick redirects to help boost the link value on the domain.

5. Review Your Site for Duplicate Title Elements

Do a quick check of duplicate title elements in Google Webmaster Tools. This can indicate duplicate pages, keyword cannibalization, and bad title element structure.

6. Find Your Most Authoritative Links; Request an Anchor Text Change

All your anchor text doesn’t need to be keyword-rich, but it helps to identify your strongest links and reach out to these sites and request a text modification to a non-branded are partially branded variation.

7. Review Your Link Targets in Your Site Navigation and Any Other Sitewide Links

By reviewing the links in your main, footer, breadcrumb and any other supporting navigation you can quickly assess if you have duplicate content issues with pesky default pages (e.g., /index.html).

8. Verify Your Google and Bing Local Listing

. It doesn’t take long to claim your listing and show search engines that you have control over your external profiles.

Need help with this? Give Larry John Wright a call or email us at

Television is still #1

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TVB’s 2010 Media Comparisons Study shows, by every measure, television reaches more consumers every day than newspapers, magazines, radio, the internet and mobile media, and that more time is spent with television. This reaffirms the findings of other studies, such as the Council for Research Excellence’s Video and Consumer Mapping Study as well as Nielsen’s Three Screen Report. Television also delivers impactful advertising and connects with consumers through strong news performance.

Among the key findings of the 2010 Study: People spend significantly more time with television than with any other medium, and television maintains the highest reach.

• Television reaches nearly 90% of Adults 18+ every day, and over 80% of every age, income and education break included in the study.

• In addition to high daily reach, more time is spent with television each day than any other medium – over 5 hours for Adults 18+ and high levels across all age, income and education breaks.

Consumers credit television advertising with higher impact scores.

• When asked to cite the one type of advertising that is the most exciting, influential, persuasive, authoritative and engaging, television advertising receives the highest scores, with significant margins over all other media.

• Television advertising is also cited as the dominant source of new product information, compared to advertising on competitive media.

Asked which medium is the most involved in the local community, broadcast television was also the No.1 choice. Local broadcast television station websites also connect with high percentages of consumers.

• High percentages of adults visit local broadcast television station websites; over 40% of Adults 25-54 and Adults 18-49 say they have done so in the past 30 days.

• Local broadcast television station websites are seen as the top choice for information on local news and events, topping local newspaper and radio station sites, as well as other local sites.

Super Bowl Social-Media

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Madonna’s halftime show at this year’s Super Bowl generated more than 862,000 social-media comments; by comparison, there were 966,000 social-media comments for the 2011 Academy Awards. If the halftime show were its own standalone televised event, it would rank fourth in terms of all-time social-TV events for entertainment. It would trail only the 2011 MTV Video Music Awards, the 2011 American Music Awards and the 2011 Academy Awards.