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Business owners and advertising professionals are constantly trying to stay on top of the latest way to influence consumers. One question that often comes up is whether or not TV is still an effective tool. According to a new survey conducted by GfK on behalf of TVB, consumers may have the ability to click and buy online but it’s television that drives retail sales.

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Research Shows Television is Still King: 

83% of consumers surveyed had seen a TV spot during the previous 2 months

Only 44% had seen an ad on social media in the previous 2 months

36% had seen/heard ads on broadcast TV station websites/apps or radio in the previous 2 months

Television still brings the advantage of reach to the table for businesses looking to influence consumers. Digital plays a great role for retail, but hasn’t yet overcome some of the benefits of TV advertising. In addition to reach, TV simply wields a weighty influence over today’s consumers. Consumers who moved through the purchase funnel were asked which type of media was most influential in making them aware of the product or service they were buying. 45% said TV. This percentage is 5 times the number of buyers who claimed they were most heavily influenced by social media. When consumers were asked what got them to visit a store or website, more than 1/3 said it was television (triple the number who cited social media). When asked what led them to actually purchase, 34% of purchasing consumers credit an ad they experienced on TV while just 9% cited a social media based trigger.

digital marketing, digital media, online advertising, arizona digital ad agency, arizona digital media, arizona digital advertising, arizona digital advertising ad agencyHaving said that, digital media is a necessary part of an effective media campaign and some businesses will find their best results in the digital realm. In fact, certain industries are known to have better results for digital advertising (i.e. healthcare, automotive, etc.) What savvy advertisers are well aware of is that television, as a medium, works in tandem with digital to motivate shoppers. This is very evident by another statistic pulled from the GfK/TVB research stating that 87% of shoppers say that TV ads influenced their online searches. Still not sure? Consider some more data supporting the fact that TV ads lead to online clickthroughs through a combination of powerful reach and frequency:

Shoppers that saw 1-34 TV spots – 78% took action in response

Shoppers that saw 4+ TV spots – 86% took action

What type of action did they take? Some of them went to a brick-and-mortar store (43%), visited a retailer’s website or app (40%), etc.

The more exposure consumers had to TV ads, the more action they took, according to survey results.

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If you’ve ever shared a GIF or simply want to know why brands like Bubly, Converse and Gatorade are getting into looping videos…you probably want to read what AdWeek has to say about the possibilities GIF are creating in the advertising industry.

Playing an ad on an endless loop would be nightmarish in most scenarios, but if modern man is anything, he is quick to adjust. And adjust they have. In fact, some marketers see the use of GIFs as advertisements as a trend with huge creative potential.

Not sure what GIFs are? Not sure what they have to do with you, your customers or the advertising industry? Read the full AdWeek article here. 

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Happy National Plan for Vacation Day! It’s that time of year again! Make the most of your vacation days in 2018 by planning and requesting your time off NOW! Scheduling your time off work is the most effective way to make the most of it! And try to spend at least a few of your days off exploring our own beautiful state of Arizona!

mogollon rim, pinetop-lakeside, arizona, az, mogollon rim az, hiking az, road trip az, hiking arizona, road trip arizona, national plan for vacation dayTip No. 1 in honor of National Plan for Vacation Day we recommend Arizona’s own Mogollon Rim. For trail recommendations check out:
For more information on what to do in the area check out Visit Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ.





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Tip No. 2 for National Plan Your Vacation Day: Do some stargazing in Arizona’s own Fountain Hills.

Did you know that Fountain Hills has been awarded the rare distinction of being designated an International Dark Sky Community by the International Dark Sky Association? It is one of only two International Dark Sky Communities located near a major metro area.

In total, only 16 communities in the world have previously earned this prestigious designation. And it’s one of Arizona’s own.

So if you’re in the mood to see something AMAZING on your vacation this year, try stargazing. Either on your own or at a star party sponsored by the Fountain Hills Library and Astronomy Club. For more info

zipline, zipline arizona, zipline grand canyon, grand canyon zipline, arizona adventure, grand canyon adventure, arizonaTip No. 3 for National Plan for Vacation Day – Ziplining at the Grand Canyon National Park!

If you’re interested in seeing one of the World’s Seven Natural Wonders – AZ has you covered. Plus…ziplines. Nothing spells adventure quite like spelling ziplines instead. Check out a video here! 

sights to see in arizona, largest sundial, carefree arizona, arizona sightseeingTip No. 4 for National Plan for Vacation Day: The Largest Sundial in the United States in Carefree, Arizona. Designed by architect Joe Wong and solar engineer John Yellott, the sundial was completed in 1959. It’s points to the North Star, stands 35 feet tall, extends 72 feet and is 90 feet in diameter.

PC: Thomas Baker




high mountain music fest, arizona festival, arizona music festival, pinetop lakeside festival, music festivalTip No. 5 for National Plan for Vacation Day: High Mountain Beer & Music Festival in Pinetop-Lakeside, Arizona.

If you’ve never checked out the area – get plenty of AZfoodie tips and hiking recommendations at Visit Pinetop-Lakeside, AZ, but if you plan your vacation right, you can end up enjoying one of their festivals as well. The Annual High Mountain Music Fest is a favorite!

Although, if you love a good festival this is in no way your only opportunity to enjoy a festival in Arizona. Check out what’s happening in Phoenix, Mesa, Sedona, and more and make a plan so you don’t miss anything amazing in 2018!

So, calling all LJW employees, and actually, all Arizona employees…make the most of your 2018 vacation days and schedule them now! And take a minute to consider where in Arizona you should spend some of your vacation time this year.

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In honor of Trivia Day, here’s a little known advertising fact for you. Did you know that the first advertised product on television was a watch? It was July 6, 1941 and it was a Bulova watch. They’re still around today.

If you want more information on Arizona advertising, advertising trends in 2018 or want to advertise on television, please get in touch with Larry John Wright Advertising, Inc. today.


Television Still #1

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“Nielsen’s Q4 2015 Total Audience Report confirms American’s consistent

strong preference for television over all other media. With almost 35 hours

of traditional TV weekly viewing inclusive of time shifted viewing, adults

18+ consume three times as much television each week as radio, the second

most consumed media, and four times more than smartphone app/web usage,”

said Steve Lanzano, President and CEO of TVB. He also bragged that

television dominated video viewing across all screens and mobile devices

capturing 95% share of viewership, with the remaining 5% comprised of

watching video on the Internet (4%) and on a smartphone (0.8%).


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After Home Depot reported on a successful fourth fiscal quarter a day earlier, Lowe’s said its quarterly comps showed a 5.2% same-store gain with an increase in customer traffic. Marketwatch comments that although Americans have cut back spending in other retail categories such as apparel and electronics, people seem to be willing to spend on refurbishing their homes……Target had a 2.1% same-store gain in the fourth fiscal quarter and saw the fifth straight quarter of increased traffic. Profit rose as revenue slipped, both factors partially due to Target’s sale of its pharmacy and clinic business……Noting sales were particularly weak on the Southern border and energy-producing regions, Dillard’s reported fourth fiscal quarter same-store sales down 2%, with profit down more than 35%. The chain consists of 273 Dillard’s locations and 24 clearance centers in 29 states……Still hoping to get government approval to be taken over by Staples, Office Depot had flat comps in the fourth quarter, although some of that was due to having closed many stores earlier. A total of 181 were closed last year, with some of those stores’ business shifting to remaining locations……In automotive retailing, Sonic quarterly new-vehicle sales were up 1.4% and used-vehicle sales rose 6.9%, helping to produce a 19% gain in profit. Sonic’s EchoPark used-only secondary chain is still only in the Denver market, but the company expects to move into at least two different markets by the end of the year……Discount grocer Aldi already operates almost 1500 stores in 32 states, but until now none have been in California. The first in the Golden State are now set to open in the L.A. market next month, with 45 expected in the state before the end of the year. By the end of 2018, Aldi expects to approach the 2000 mark nationally……Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen had a domestic 5.7% same-store sales increase in the fourth quarter after opening a record 219 new restaurants during the year. Another 115-135 stores should open in the U.S. this year……Texas Roadhouse is another restaurant chain that had a good quarter, although the same-store gain of 4.5% at company-owned units was actually lower than in prior quarters. 29 units were added during the year, with another 30 in the pipeline for this year……Another restaurant looking to expand is Fazoli’s, and Convenience Store News reports c-stores are of particular interest to the Italian food chain. Recently taken over by Sentinel Capital Partners, Fazoli’s has 123 company-owned units and 91 franchised locations, with only eight of them currently in c-stores……7-Eleven is adding soda to its 7-Select private label line; the drinks are made with cane sugar and natural flavors.


Food delivery is not a new phenomenon but the accessibility and availability of these direct-to-door home meal services, whether in-home meal kits, like Blue Apron, or foodservice delivery, like DoorDash (pictured), is unprecedented, finds The NPD Group. Historically, consumers were limited to pizza and Asian foods in terms of delivery or local grocery delivery, but now there are numerous choices. What has also changed from past food delivery, NPD says, is that consumers are now accustomed to ordering goods online and having them delivered to their door quickly.

In terms of restaurant delivery, delivery traffic outside of pizza is growing strongly, up by 33% since 2012, while traditional quick service restaurant (QSR) pizza delivery is on the decline, according to NPD’s foodservice market research. Foodservice delivery options outside of pizza are still relatively small, with roughly six million delivery-related visits in the past year. But there is little doubt that the growth rate for categories outside of QSR pizza will continue on a strong growth path. All types of restaurants are increasingly partnering with delivery services, such as Eat24, Grub Hub and Seamless. As UberEATS and Amazon Prime Now restaurant delivery continues to roll out nationally, delivery will see significant growth. NPD’s analysts forecast that off-premise foodservice will continue to outpace overall restaurant industry traffic growth over the next decade.

“Consumers want the ‘dining out’ experience of quality food, but they’re saving money and time by having food delivered to their homes,” says Bonnie Riggs, NPD restaurant industry analyst. “Similar to the consumer value online direct-to-door shopping fulfills, there is the appeal of being in the comfort of their own homes, and not having to deal with the ‘hassle’ of the outside world.”

In-home meal kits, whether meals to cook from scratch or just assembly, are a more recent offering than foodservice delivery. These kits appeal to consumers wanting fresh, authentic food, and control over what they’re eating, says NPD. Meal kit delivery services are growing in popularity, particularly in urban areas, but are not nearly as mainstreamed as foodservice meals.

“I don’t believe we’ll see mainstream adoption of home meal kits, like we’ve seen with foodservice delivery,” says Darren Seifer, NPD food and beverage industry analyst. Meal kit consumers tend to have more expendable income and primarily live in major metro areas. “There is definitely a market for these services; it’s just not nearly as big as foodservice delivery,” says Seifer.


The Super Bowl is the biggest one-day sports event in the nation every year, but for the hometowns of the two teams that make it to the game it is a huge local event. For the local TV stations it’s a major opportunity to connect with fans and advertisers—especially for the one network affiliate in each town lucky enough to air the actual game.

The Denver Broncos and Carolina Panthers have made it to the big game before, but this is the first time for the Broncos that CBS had the broadcast for O&O KCNC Denver and more than a decade for Raycom’s WBTV Charlotte.

“Colorado loves the Broncos and we feel fortunate to get super-sized ratings every time we air a game. But having our hometown team in Super Bowl 50 is something that’s really special for everyone at KCNC,said GM Walt DeHaven. You will not be surprised to learn that Super Bowl Sunday, February 7, will be the biggest revenue day in KCNC’s history. KCNC has been airing nightly specials this week and a two-hour Road to the Championship special is scheduled for Saturday. The station has anchors, reporters and a meteorologist providing live reports from across the Bay Area this week.

The Super Bowl local avails were sold out on WBTV even before it was certain the Panthers would be in the game. GM Steve Dempsey says advertisers wanted to make sure they weren’t squeezed out by political spots. He’s expecting an 80+ local market share, so the real value of having the Super Bowl is being able to promote other WBTV programming to the massive local audience—and he says the staff has worked up some great creative to air. “The windfall for us will come beyond the Super Bowl,” he said.

Of course, WBTV has had staffers in San Francisco reporting live this week on game preparations—and he had nothing but praise for CBS O&O KPIX and the network for their assistance in the Super Bowl host market. WBTV has been airing extensive pre-game coverage and a special, Panthers’ Championship Drive, will air tonight in primetime.

KPIX has been planning its Super Bowl coverage since it was announced in May 2013 that the NFL had picked the Bay Area to host Super Bowl 50. The station aired its first local Countdown to Gold special last February, one night following Super Bowl XLIX. KPIX secured legendary San Francisco 49ers quarterback Joe Montana (a four-time Super Bowl champion) and his wife Jennifer (who previously had been a KPIX on-air host) as special contributors to the station’s coverage. KPIX had a total of 11 Countdown to Gold specials planned, including 7-8 pm broadcasts on Monday-Saturday this week. “It’s extremely gratifying to see the responses from viewers and advertisers to our ‘Countdown to Gold’ coverage. Our three years of planning is really paying off. And, of course, the best is yet to come,” said KPIX GM Bruno Cohen.


Mark Harmon, star of NCIS on CBS, has displaced Ellen DeGeneres as Americans’ favorite television personality in the annual survey by The Harris Poll. NCIS also won as the favorite current TV show.

Although DeGeneres saw her three-year reign atop the poll come to an end, the syndicated talk show host was still second and one of four talk show hosts in the top five. Jimmy Fallon, of The Tonight Show on NBC, repeated as #3 after entering the list for the first time last year. Steve Harvey, who hosts two shows in syndication—his own talk show and the Family Feud game show—claimed the #4 spot again and Stephen Colbert—who moved from Comedy Central to host The Late Show on CBS—moved up two spots to #5.

The rest of the Top 10 are: Jim Parsons of The Big Bang Theory, CBS; Tom Selleck of Blue Bloods, CBS; Jon Stewart, who left The Daily Show, Comedy Central; Tim Allen of Last Man Standing, ABC; Jerry Seinfield, whose Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee is an OTT streaming video show; and Oprah Winfrey, who appears in various capacities on OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network.

After NCIS, the other top shows—not surprisingly—were The Big Bang Theory on CBS and The Walking Dead on AMC. Rounding out the Top 5 were Scandal on ABC and Game of Thrones on HBO.


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ABC is teaming with the restaurant chain Panda Express to celebrate Chinese New Year in conjunction with a new episode of Fresh Off the Boat airing Tuesday, February 2, at 8:00 pm (ET). Panda Express restaurants across the country will display special branded Fresh Off the Boat Chinese New Year Posters and table tents featuring the stars, the Huang family. In the episode, the Huangs are getting everything in order to celebrate Chinese New Year with their family in Washington, DC, but a mix-up with their plane tickets forces them to spend the holiday in Orlando……Despite the poor ratings to date, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend got praise from The CW President Mark Pedowitz at the winter Television Critics Association gathering in L.A. Will the series starring Rachel Bloom get a second season? Pedowitz said The CW is known for defying the odds and Crazy Ex-Girlfriend has the potential to do the same……ABC is bringing the game show $100,000 Pyramid back to primetime in summer 2016. Michael Strahan will host the 10-episode series featuring hot stars teaming up with players from across the country in the timeless war of words……CBS announced some spring scheduling moves, including the series premiere of Rush Hour on Thursday, March 31, at 10:00 pm (ET) and the updated premiere date for Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders on Wednesday, March 16, at 10:00 pm (ET), which was previously slated for Wednesday, March 2. In addition, Elementary moves to Sundays at 10:00 pm (ET) beginning March 20.